Bangkok|Tri-City Tour

Seeing our neighboring countries has always been one of my dreams. The ASEAN relations have made it easy for Filipinos to travel between countries without much visa requirements. Many Filipinos usually think that travel is expensive and too laborious in terms of planning itineraries and booking hotels and flights.

Luckily enough, we live in the day and age where tour packages are available. Planned out between multiple tour operators between countries. And that makes it easy for anyone to get out of their comfort zones and out into the world. Packaged tours are offered to groups and individuals who want pre planned vacations at particular cities. This allows for a more budget travel as bunched up traveling groups allow travel agencies to provide better and more affordable rates. The upside with this will always be cheaper travel packages but on the other hand your tour will be on pre-selected dates. So plan your vacation leaves on the tour dates provided.

For this adventure I booked through Eon Travel and Tours, an Iloilo based Travel agency that can cater to anyone in the Philippines. The tour is a 7 day adventure that will bring me through 3 countries, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

As I write this blog entry, I’m actually on the bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap a 7 hour journey. It’s the 3rd day of our tour. The first two days were spent with Bangkok.

Here are some of the highlights:


I could not capture the majesty of this structure but the Wat Traimit is a beautiful buddhist temple that houses the Golden Buddha.

The Golden Buddha

One of the oldest gold statues made thought to be made around the 14th Century.

To get inside to see the Golden Buddha one must be covered. No sleeveless shirts for men and women.


Found on a street corner at one of the busiest streets in Bangkok. Devout followers come to pray to ask for blessings.

The Erawan Shrine houses the Thai representation of the Hindu god of creation Lord Brahma.


We were treated to a variety of animal shows at the Bangkok Safari World which was around 45 minutes away from the city. The entire experience starts off with a drive through around some natural habitat of the many animals they had. And then we were lead into some pretty awesome shows. I’ll be sharing this soon with a vlog entry.

Now the awesome part of these tours is that you’ll definitely have the free time to do some of your own exploration if you’re that type. Getting around the city is easy with all the trains going through major thouroughfares. It helps to know and plan ahead of where you want to go so you know which stop to end in.

Here are some experiences I found that were easily accessible.


Take the BTS Train and make sure you get off at the Mo Chit station. Lots of stalls, food, clothes and souvenirs can be found in this area.

Singha Beer

If you like to try different beer, make sure to order the Singha. Great flavor and it’s the original thai beer.


Baiyoke Hotel Sky Bar

Found my way to the 83rd Floor of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel in which had a beautiful 360 view of Bangkok. Used to be the tallest tower but not anymore. Entrance to the bar was 400 Baht and entitles you to two free drinks.

Also to note was we came in at a time when the Thai people were holding a funeral ceremony for the late King Bhumibol. One of their most prominent modern day monarchs. Ruled the country for 7 decades. On a separate vlog I recorded my thoughts. Check it out here. Ep. 3 Hungry Ilonggo

Those were some of the things I got to do in 2 days in Bangkok. And I’m pretty sure that’s just scratching the surface. Will definitely come back in the near future.

Right now time for some shut eye then wake up in Siem Reap for the next part of this awesome adventure. Siem Reap|Tri-City Tour

Watch out for the Bangkok Tri City vlog coming soon.

Oh and just in case you’re already curious how much the tour costs In total PhP 28,800.00. You can avail of it at 10k downpayment and the rest payable over 5 months. Not bad for making your next adventure happen!

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