CrossFit in a Nutshell

I’m sure by now you have a friend that’s been posting photos on their social media, them lifting, running, jumping. Border lining douchey show off. Whatever it is, it’s either your super annoyed or you’re probably curious what this person is into. What makes it more interesting is seeing #CrossFit in your buddy’s posts. If you do know me personally, this article for me is fitting to be the pioneer for this blog’s category of posts called “Hungry Athlete”.

“To prepare you for the knowable and unknowable.”

Whether you do plan to join the Nights Watch, planning to be part of the avengers or brave the traffic in the streets of Manila, it’s important to stay physically fit for any situation.

CrossFit at it’s core is all about constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.

You maybe thinking, it sounds like any other workout. Fitness over the years has definitely had very similar tools that different groups organizations or schools of thought have used. But what separates CrossFit for me has been the addition of data points of measuring your personal fitness. By measuring times, work loads, repetitions, the CrossFit System has been finding that measurable ROI for yourself.

Constantly varied

Daily WoDs or “Workout of the Day” are like different challenges that are given for you to meet and accomplish at your own pace. A workout could be a combination of weightlifting and running or gymnastics and weightlifting or you could even throw in agility drills, the combinations are endless. In order to understand the concepts of the workouts, you have to understand the functionality of it all.

Functional movements

Functional movements are about movements that we execute in our daily lives. By practicing, exercising, strengthening these movements, we engage a whole lot more muscle groups in the process, thereby improving our over all physical capabilities.  At the center of the programming are

Olympic Weightlifting– the ability to efficiently move an object externally. This complex movement benefits multiple daily functional movements we do.

  • Deadlift– lifting an object from the ground without hurting your back. Functional example; lifting  your girlfriend’shopping bags off the ground. (Sorry guys, now they’re gonna let you carry em)
  • Clean– efficiently transferring a weight from your hip area to your shoulders. Example; changing that empty gallon of water in your office pantry.
  • Press– pushing the weight on top of your head or lateral. I think this one is pretty clear.

Gymnastics– the ability to carry your own body weight. Imagine yourself in one of those movies where the leading star is hanging by the ledge of a tall building, will you survive? You’d need to do a Muscle up to get out of that one. Carrying your own body weight has a lot of health and functional benefits.

Metabolic Conditioning– can be running,ability of your heart to have a steady sustained oxygen flow while working. In other words, working stamina and cardio.

High intensity

Intensity is important as this is where power is generated. The workouts are intended to get your heart rate up and working much more so that more oxygen is circulated throughout your system.

By adding the element of time and working out in groups, the human tendency of being competitive is naturally brought out, as people don’t usually like finishing last.

What sets CrossFit from the rest of the fitness schools is its community. CrossFit has developed a community of positivity and support at the most fanatic level. We celebrate every achievement you have for yourself no matter what your physical level is. Whether it’s hitting a 250 Snatch or being able to do your first string of unbroken double unders. It’s a huge community of support.

“The Loudest Cheers are usually for the last to finish.”

So is CrossFit for Everybody?

Yes and No.

Is CrossFit for the Elderly?

Is CrossFit for the Pregnant?

Is CrossFit for the Disabled?

Is CrossFit for Kids?

Is CrossFit for you?

Only you can answer that.

It all boils down to what you are willing to put yourself through to get to the faster, stronger, better you.

I started CrossFit in 2014 with CrossFit Manila and have been in a relationship with CrossFit ever since. I fell in love with it more as I understood it’s philosophies during the CrossFit L1 Course. For me it was a perfect mix of being prepared for everything and my love for sports that made me realize the CrossFit was for me.

In the Philippines, the CrossFit community is growing. With boxes in Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod and Davao. Whatever box you go to, the openness and helpfulness is the same.
Even Jon Snow does it!

Fast forward to 2:49 and you’ll know what I mean!

What about you? What’s your fitness story? Your goals? Find a CrossFit Box Near you and give it a shot. Worst case scenario? At least you’d get a real work!

If you’d like to find out if there’s a box near you, feel free to send me a message and I’d be happy to help you locate one.

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