The UAE Experience: Dazzling Dubai

What can I say about Dubai that hasn’t been said by every travel blog, travel channel and magazine?

It is what they say it is. A beautiful place in the middle of the desert where history, culture and the world all come together in one melting pot. The places, the people, the Visionary Leadership of the Emirates has truly made the UAE into a world class destination.

The UAE is comprised of 7 Emirates. Namely Abu Dhabi, the biggest Emirate, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain and Fujairah.

This blog series will be split mostly into 3 parts, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and The Rest of the Emirates. Mainly because of the limited pictures and places I got to visit.


The trip starts of landing in the DXB Dubai International Airport. If it’s your first time to travel to Dubai as a Filipino, you’ll find that traveling there isn’t as intimidating as it seems. Right off getting the plane, you’ll be met by friendly staff. Most of them “Kabayans”. The term “Kabayan” is probably your biggest key to getting the best assistance anywhere in Dubai. Kabayan is how Filipinos refer to themselves in the Middle East. This simple word has so much meaning to our OFWs and I experienced first hand getting to meet and talk with Kabayans. When looking to buy anything at any store, ask for a “Kabayan” so you can make sure you get the best deal from what you plan to buy.

Key Things To Do While in Dubai.


The Burj Khalifa
Taken from the Dubai Mall Fountain
Getting to the Burj Khalifa is pretty easy. Head on to the Dubai Mall where majority of the world comes together.  You can get a pretty good view of the structure from the fountain area of the Dubai Mall. But if you want to go all touristy and have the cash to spare, the Top of the Burj experience is something else. (See the cover photo, taken from the top). The elevator ride takes about 1 minute from the ground floor going to the 124th floor.

The Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the entire world.Truly a symbol of progress that people in the Middle East are proud of.


Outside shot of the Dubai Mall. Does not do justice to how big this place is. Thanks to iStock for this Photo. I missed out taking a picture of the mall
With pretty much the city being a flurry of developments, the life in this Mega City revolves around the malls. From the malls, a lot of activities sights and sounds are within reach.

The Dubai Mall is the Largest in the world in terms of area. Most major brands can be found here. Here you have an unlimited number of food choices, not to mention an underwater park and a zoo inside. That’s right, a ZOO. In the middle of the mall. That’s how huge this place is!


Thanks to Martina Prats for this awesome Sky diving photo from Dubai

I heard that sky diving was the thing to do while in Dubai. But personally didn’t get the chance to. On your way down you get to see the Palm Islands and The World. All reclaimed man made resorts.  A tandem jump or sky diving with an instructor will cost around 2000 AED or approximately 25,000 PH Pesos.



A close up of the Burj Al Arab. Credits to Andrew Gregorio for this Photo.

The story is, this place is a 7 Star Hotel.. But technically you can’t go higher than 5 stars. One of the 3 tallest hotels in the world, not to mention expensive. Booking a room here is somewhere around 50,000 Pesos. Yes, breakfast included.


Miracle Gardens
taken from the Dubai Mall Fountain
It’s truly a Miracle that such a blossoming place exists in the middle of the desert. But the true secret to this place are the tons of watering systems that run underneath the places to keep all the flora and fauna alive. Best recommended for people going on dates, flower lovers and photography aficionados. The scenery is a beautiful explosion of colors.


Global Village, Dubai
Key word for Dubai, Melting Pot. A place in the middle of the world where you can experience the rest of the World. This beautiful place near Dubai is a “Theme Park” of sorts. Featuring different countries, different cuisines. The sprawling complex is enough to knock the wind out of your sails if you plan to go around the world in 80 Minutes. Make sure that you set a decent amount of time if you want to experience the world at the Global Village.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! Make sure to put these places on your list when you visit Dubai!

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  1. Merv says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your article Josh! Great insights. More to see and experience on your second visit. Looking forward to it!


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