The Hungry Ilonggo Origin

About an hour by airplane from the capital Manila and by 4 hours drive from the world renowned Boracay Island, lies the City of Love, Iloilo City. Home to the Ilonggo people.

The soft spoken Ilonggos are well known for their hospitality, delicious seafood, and simplicity.  Growing up in Iloilo City means having the love for good food,  the joy of being by the seaside, modesty in living and the desire to dream big and conquer places away from home.

This blog is written from the point of view of a person/people from small towns and provinces that love both being home and taking on the challenge of living in the big cities. Here we write about the simple things at home, the challenges of living in the metro and all the good and fun things we get to enjoy in between.

What to expect from this site:

  1. Hungry Adventurer– Travel Blogs- Get to know interesting places we’ve been to locally and abroad.
  2. Hungry Ilonggo– isn’t it obvious? Hungry Ilonggo is also about finding good places to eat!
  3. Hungry for Success– We’re all trying to find our place in the metro, we want to share valuable tips to help individuals reach their fullest potentials.
  4. Hungry Athlete– Everything related to sports, fitness trends, and athletic activities.  

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The Hungry Ilonggo.



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